Top 6 Graduation Gifts

Top 6 Graduation Gifts

Graduating college is one of the biggest accomplishments in a young adult's life. But finding the perfect gift for this important occasion is tricky. These grads are moving or starting a new job, which means gifts could also be for their new home or apartment. Give gifts that help motivate them for this new life transition.

1. Class Ring Holder:

Their class ring is an important symbol of graduation, other than the diploma. Give someone a great place to store their hard earned class ring! This thoughtful gift can be found in many styles and colors on our website!

2. School Mascot Wall Art:

Most people who went to college will always have a special place in their heart for the school mascot. The mascot symbolizes the good times and great memories that were had at that university. On our website, we have many options for hand painted wall art of their school mascots!

3. Coffee Maker:

Since college grads are moving and starting careers in the real world, coffee is a must. Giving gifts that will be helpful in their everyday life is the most thoughtful gift there is.

4. Knife Set:

This goes along with the moving away theme. Now that they have moved to the next stage of their life and possibly into a new apartment or home, give them a gift that they have always needed but never wanted to buy for themselves.

5. Jewelry:

If class rings are not a big tradition at their school, jewelry is a great gift. This is something that will symbolize their time at the university while also being a meaningful and thoughtful gift that they can wear all the time. Necklaces are the perfect gift for most women while watches are the best gift for men. Some popular jewelry brands for women are Kendra Scott, Mejuri, David Yurman, and Tiffany. Some quality watches include Seiko, Tussot, Tudor, or Rolex. A watch is a great gift for men as it is something that elevates their professional wardrobe.

6. Money:

This is the gift that nobody says they want, but everyone secretly wants. Money is better than a gift card, which is restrictive and doesn't always get used. There are guides online to determine what monetary amount is appropriate for graduation gifts, but just give what feels right to you.

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