6 Tips For Storing and Organizing Your Jewelry

6 Tips For Storing and Organizing Your Jewelry

Did you know improperly storing your jewelry can result in long term issues with your jewelry? In order to avoid this, you need to properly store and maintain your jewelry. Need jewelry storage solutions? Locksley can help you! Read below to see how we like to store our jewelry!
  • Storing Rings
The most aesthetically pleasing way to store your rings is on a ring holder. It reduces clutter on your countertop while also looking trendy. At Locksley, we like storing our rings on our hand-poured ring holders, or in our small ring bowls!
  • Organizing Necklaces and Bracelets

Organizing necklaces and bracelets can be the trickiest jewelry to have to store and organize. Oftentimes, improper storage results in knots that take forever to remove. We like to store our necklaces in our small hand poured bowls. However, if you have many necklaces, hanging them is probably the best option.

  • Small Amounts of Jewelry

If you don't have much jewelry, I recommend just storing it on a small ring dish. This is the easiest way to display, while not consuming too much of your counter space. We like to use the Locksley Ring Holders as fun ring holders!

  • Have A Lot Of Necklaces?

Invest in a wall organizer to hang all of your necklaces! These are inexpensive and helpful in saving your counter space. You can use decorative hooks or a series of small hooks

  • Have An Empty Drawer?

Drawer organizers are the best option if you don't want your jewelry to sit out. There are some great optioned for lined jewelry organizers that are made for drawers online

  • Always Taking Off Your Jewelry?

Leave ring dishes or holders around the house for easily storing your jewelry when you don't need it. One by the sink for when you're cooking or cleaning dishes, one by the bathroom sink to use when washing your hands. By keeping multiple spots for storing jewelry, you are never forced to wear any jewelry or lose it from setting it in random spots! We like leaving Locksley Ring Holders around the house for this reason!


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