Aggie Ring Day Gift Guide

Aggie Ring Day Gift Guide

Ring Day Gift Guide:
Although this is optional for ring day, it does make this day more special. 

The best gift for ring day is a special place to put their ring.

Two great handmade ring holder options are shown to the at the bottom

polished concrete bowl for rings and other accessoriesbonded marble ring holder situated in a gig em hand sign

The Gig ‘Em hand sign ring holder is a symbolic way to show off your ring, while the bowl is for someone who prefers more minimalistic decor.



Photo of hand with an aggie ring and a smaller ring beneath it


Another great gift for ring day is stackable rings to put above or under their ring. We love the Beaded Blondes, a local small business that makes rings for stacking above or below Aggie Rings. Their Beaded Band Collection makes a great Ring Day gift!


decorated pitcher in aggie theme for ring dunk

Finally, a customized pitcher for their ring dunk is a great option for a fun gift. Blue Moon Design Company is a local business that makes custom pitchers with vinyl decals specifically for your ring dunk!


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